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The Art of iPhone Photography

Everyone loves a good photo shoot. Well, maybe not everyone, but a lot of people enjoy having great photos of themselves to look back on when the nostalgia hits. While they are worth the money, professional photographers can be fairly pricey. And with phone cameras being so advanced, why not take advantage of the tech in your pocket?

The thing is, not everyone knows the art of iPhone photography: not everyone has the eye for it straight away! And that’s okay. That’s what I’m here for. I’m going to teach you how to be an influencer’s main asset - an “Instagram husband” if you will. Here are 10 techniques to turn you into the best personal photographer your friends have ever seen:

1. Capture their personality: show the world what you see in them! To take authentic and meaningful photos, try and capture their quirks, humour, and aesthetics. Show off what makes them unique.

Portrait of a smiling man on steps with neon lights and fairly lights in the background

2. Lighting is a huge aspect of all types of photography. Try and find a good balance – not too dull and not too blinding. The best way to do this is to avoid direct light. Squinting all the time is not the one! For example, leafy shadows, golden hour, and dynamic lighting like neon. This will add a fun artsy layer to your images and will enhance your photos. If all else fails, you can use your phone’s inbuilt AI to automatically adjust your lighting settings for you. Technology, eh?

3. Experiment with different angles: don’t just stick to eye level – lower and higher angles give different illusions and perspectives, creating more dynamic shots.

4. Play with the zoom lenses. They’re there for a reason. The 0.5 lens on your iPhone paired with a lower angle can give your subject longer legs, or make for an excellent way to show off their outfit. The zoom lens can be great for close-up shots, as well as scenic shots when you’re further away.

5. The background is important in your photo, and so is how you position your model within it. Try to get your model in the centre of something, e.g. an archway or a winding path. Or, try the Rule of Thirds – this can be easy with the 3x3 grid on your phone. Just line up your model with a line to create an interesting composition.

6. Lots of newer smartphones have some pretty cool camera features – not just filters! Make use of the Live Photos on iPhones by turning them into short videos, boomerangs, and even long shutter speed images to build the artsy vibe.

Portrait of a man in a bright london tube station. Wearing a white hate and a brown coat

7. Don’t be afraid to give directions! It can be scary being in front of the camera. If you can give them some feedback on their pose or expression, it gives them something to focus on and can make them feel at ease.

8. That being said, good candid photos are always a hit. Keep the line of communication open: make them laugh and ask them questions. It will encourage them to relax and just be themselves. Soon they’ll be wondering when you turned into a professional portrait photographer!

9. Don’t stop pressing that button! If your model is moving and changing their pose non-stop, it’s a good idea to just keep shooting. That way you won’t miss a good shot, and your model has lots of choice when it comes to updating Instagram.

10. Finally: have fun. All types of photography are meant to be a creative outlet, so lean into it! Show off your skills! Shout words of encouragement! And keep building your friendships through art.

A picture of two older ladies smiling and laughing together
Irene & Mary

I am so excited for you all to go out and take amazing pictures. I hope these tips helped all of you Phone Photographers out there! My FYP has never looked so good.

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